Do I need a permit to place a shed on my property?
Yes. Most sheds only require a zoning permit. Zoning permits are $50 and applications generaly take 2-5 business days for processing. If the shed or "accessory structure" is over 500 sq. ft., it will also require a building permit.

How close to the property line can I have it?
If the shed is placed behind the rear wall of the dwelling and it is less than 192 sq. ft. it must be setback 5' minimun from the side and rear propety lines. If it is greater than 192 sq. ft. or the shed is in front of the rear wall of the dwelling, there are different setback dimensions based on the of your property. They will be listed on the Zoning Permit.

Do you come out and survey my property lines?
No. Only a PA. licensed surveyor may set property corners. It is the applicant's responsibility to lacate the property lines if the corner pins are marked or found to ensure proper placement of the improvement. Amity Township reserves the right to require surveying if property lines are not apparent (most cases do not require a survey).

Are there any inspections required?
Yes. Two. One "setback" inspection is done after you mark where you want to put the structure and one "final" inspection after you place the structure in it's proper location. Upon approval of final inspection, a certificate of occupancy will be issued and mailed to you. You may not occupy the structure until you receive this document.

What if I want to build one myself?
That is permitted. There are no inspections required for the construction of sheds under 500 sq. ft., however, you still need the two inspections to measure setbacks and placement. If you hire a contractor to build one, they must be licensed to work in Amity Township.

What if I want to pour a concrete pad?
As long as the structure is not over 500 sq. ft., you may pour a concrete pad without an inspection. The pad mus be poured or placed per the required setbacks on the permit.